Learn the techniques of the trade

Kaptiv8 will show you techniques which will help you experience greater endurance, flexibility, power, and range, so that you can sing up to your true vocal potential. (Your voice will still be developing up to the age of 14 so we aim to make sure we factor in the foundations for vocal training to make you ready for the next step in voice work)

Vocal techniques will be customized to meet your individual strengths and weaknesses. Voice placement and breathing techniques solve the great majority of problems and will be taught within lessons (with a group or by individual).

If singing is your passion, then now is the time for you to get Kaptiv8 training, and experience greater vocal confidence and freedom. Singers without proper technique can suffer physically and artistically, ending up with voices that are
overstressed, overworked and sometimes even damaged.

Kaptiv8 can help!

Typical areas of focus include:
Warm-ups and exercises to strengthen your voice.
Developing your stage presence and confidence as a performer
Ear Training
Breathing techniques for greater power and ease

Vocal placement
Song interpretation and “emotionally rich” vocals
Discovering your unique vocal style

Q: What do Britney, Justin and Charlotte all have in common?
A: They have all taken private lessons.